About Us

Physio Natura research laboratories have created a new line: PHYSIO NATURA ITALIAN SPA, starting its journey from PUGLIA, the native land of these products.

This line combines the efficacy of important active ingredients from Puglia: extracts from Negroamaro and Primitivo grape pomace and extracts from Coratina olive variety. Grape and olive extracts are very rich in polyphenols with strong antioxidant action.Their synergy maximizes their action and they neutralize more efficiently free radicals responsible for cellular senescence.

The formation of free radicals is caused by everyday life, with a daily routine that is natural but wrong, such as poor eating habits, tobacco smoke, stress and physical inactivity. Our products aim at detoxifying the skin, making it pure and bright.

PHYSIO NATURA ITALIAN SPA PUGLIA would like to suggest a journey in this wonderful region, while evoking, with a holistic beauty treatment, Puglia’s colours, landscapes and scents. Let yourself be pampered by the strength of the exfoliator, regenerating the skin of face and body thanks to fine grape seed microgranules and extracts from Puglia’s grapes and olive.

Enjoy red land, a purifying and antioxidant mud with red clay and Puglia’s active ingredients. Let yourself be pampered by the soft oil combining almond, grape seed and olive oils for a relaxing body massage. Let yourself be captivated by the fragrance of the synergy combining sage, thyme and rosemary essential oils with the active ingredients from grapes and olive, as well as the body cream enriched with elastin, panthenol and fine oils that deeply nourish the skin and protect it from cellular senescence. Let your skin discover acqua di vitae, a nectar improving your skin while moisturizing, protecting and refreshing your face and body.

The journey goes on at home with our Home Care products. You can live the magic of the Spa with the antioxidant body cream, the exfoliator and acqua di vitae. You can have a new experience of wellbeing with the neck and décolletage cream, combining Puglia’s active ingredients with functional active principles such as Kigelia Africana, elastin and collagen, and also with the regenerating face cream, that moisturizes the skin and makes it elastic thanks to hyaluronic acid.

The journey doesn’t end in Puglia, but it goes on through other wonderful regions of our Peninsula.